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You can order online! Browse our menu items and choose what you’d like to order from us.

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Classic Flavors


Our fudge brownie topped with our dreamy peanut butter in almost too good to be true!


Peanut Butter Dream

Image of Peanut Butter Dream


We house make our raspberry sauce and bake it into our decadent brownie. A white chocolate drizzle and more raspberry sauce to top it off!



Image of Raspberry


Cherries and creamy mascarpone are baked into our fudge brownie for this perfect combo.


Cherry Mascarpone

Image of Cherry Mascarpone


Our best selling brownie. House made caramel, that's a show stopper on its own, is baked into our fudge brownie. We top our baked brownie with a heaping scoop of caramel and a merengue! The flavor and texture combination of this brownie is why it's a favorite!


Caramel Merengue

Image of Caramel Merengue


That down home taste you won't regret! Cookie dough topped fudge brownie. Enough said!


Cookie Dough

Image of Cookie Dough


We house make the best German chocolate sauce you will have. Creamy custard base with coconut and walnuts. We layer it on top of our brownie to create a brownie even people who don't like coconut can't put down!


German Chocolate

Image of German Chocolate


Chocolate and pecans! Fudge frosting tops our brownie with a sprinkle of toasted pecans. Comfort foods finest!



Image of Angela's


Our traditional chocolate brownie topped with milk chocolate and pretzel pieces! Sweet and Salty. Fudgy and Crunchy!


Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Image of Chocolate Covered Pretzel

Brownie Bites

All brownies come in Bite Size.



Brownie Bite

Gourmet Brownie Menu

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